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Stay Home

If there can be one message that I convey to my constituents it is this: Take COVID19 seriously. Stay home. Learn to take social distancing seriously.

We are in a crisis and the only way to get to long term gain is unfortunately through short term pain, and it is urgent. If we don’t take staying away from others seriously, we won’t flatten the curve, stop the spread, and it will only be worse for our city and our region.

This doesn’t mean you stop socializing. Call loved ones, start virtual coffee dates over your phone or tablet (I recommend Facebook Messenger, another is called Zoom). Especially for seniors it’s important you call, check in, ask people how they are doing, but it’s extremely important you do not make physical contact. We are reinventing how we do everything, and it’s because of our resourcefulness we will overcome this crisis.

Here are some tips:

– if you travelled, self isolation has to be done immediately and for the 14 day period at per Public Health. Do not grocery shop or visit friends.

– non-travellers need to practice social distancing and stay home. This disease is spreading whether you travelled or not. Do not leave you house except to see your DR or hospital, if you have to work, or to get groceries. Do not visit friends. Do not get together with people. Order take out, and delivery. Try and order groceries to be delivered.

– If you work at a place a business, ensure that you wash your hands frequently and practice a 2M or 6 foot distance from your coworkers. COVID19 lives on surfaces for up to 2 days and is airborne for up to 2 hours. Do not go to work if you are sick.

– if you own a business, ensure you follow the social distancing protocols, and provide hand washing and hand sanitizer if possible. If employees are sick, send them home. Have employees wear gloves and masks if possible.

– check in with others often. Call, message, and make sure they get help if needed.

– wash you hands. Use gloves when getting gas at gas pumps.

– if you are sick, stay home and call Telehealh at ‭+1 (866) 797-0000‬. Report your symptoms. If you have a cough, shortness or breath, fever, you may have COVID19.

This is an important time in our country. We count on every one of you to help quell this pandemic. We can do it.

Reach out if you need anything,

Councillor Ryan Williams