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Belleville Waterfront and Downtown Pop Up Project

Throughout my campaign I heard from families about the need to encourage activities for our youth and all citizens on our incredible waterfront and downtown.

We need to encourage entrepreneurs to start waterfront and downtown pop-up businesses that would offer activities such as kayak and SUP rental, boat tours, bike rentals, and other activities that would utilize the incredible assets we have, provide activities, and create jobs.

I’ve asked staff to work on a report and a Request For Proposal that would allow entrepreneurs to apply for in-kind assistance and support to start these pop-up businesses in our city for intake, if approved by council, no later than February.

It is absolutely realistic that we could have these businesses started by summer 2019 and start to see our waterfront and downtown assets utilized to their fullest potential. If you are an entrepreneur, please think about businesses you would like to create in spaces in our downtown and waterfront and watch for this projects RFP to come, if approved by council, in February.