Ryan's Blog

Why I decided to run.

I’m running to be a Belleville City Councillor on October 22, 2018 to make this great city and great region even greater, to create an innovative rural community, and to help provide an opportunity of abundance for all citizens.

 It might be in my blood a bit.

My great great uncle Don G Williams was a City of Belleville Alderman in the 60s. My grandfather Don R Williams was chair of the Prince Edward Hastings School Board and ran for MPP in 1977.  My father John Williams ran for Quinte West Council, Sydney Ward, in 2000 and served two amazing terms of mayor ending in 2014.

I want to introduce you to my family.

My amazing wife Allyson is originally from Thunder Bay but now calls Belleville her true home, having lived her now 10 years, and we lived our first great year in downtown Belleville. Our three children are Jack, Patrick, and Zooey.

Although I do have this perhaps in my blood. Although I do have an incredible passion for Belleville and the Bay of Quinte Region, my real motivation has been the future we are creating for these three children and thousands like them. We all have a future here and we all have a roll to play to make this great place bright.

I’m running for Council because I believe I have a lot I can bring to the table to create a innovative strategic plan for the next 12 years of council.

I think the last 12 years set the table for the next 12 years, and that we are a city and region primed for greatness, a greatness that is theirs for the taking. I believe I have what it takes to be passionate, forward thinking, and to work hard to bring people together on a collaborative plan that benefits all the citizens of Belleville, and I do mean all. We need a vision that above all states: Belleville will be the best at X. Success by 2038 will mean Y.

That strategic plan I believe must include 3 main ingredients – 3 things that I have the business, regional, and organizational experience to tackle, and 3 items I believe will make Belleville bright :

#1: fostering an Innovative City – Innovate Belleville – that embraces entrepreneurship and new jobs, elevates and attracts the doers, dreamers, and thinkers, works with Loyalist College, new young families, and attracts skilled labour, and keeps our youth here in the region. We need to embrace our brand of entrepreneurs – rural innovators – that is seeing breweries, film makers, software tech companies, agri-tech, creative economy, health and wellness, enviro-tech, and even marijuana research companies that need more help, not less, to grow and call this region home.  We need to also improve our customer service and how we treat you, the taxpayer.

#2 :  leading this great Bay of Quinte Region, recognizing that from Quinte West and CFB Trenton to the west to Tourism and PEC to the South, from Napanee to Brighton, we rise and fall as one, and that we need to work together in order to be prosperous. That we need to work alongside one another in our shared challenges of attracting skilled labour, infrastructure, and keeping our region affordable. You can’t do it alone.

#3 :  that we need to improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. . That we need to create an abundance of opportunity for all citizens in this city, and whether it be affordable housing to transportation, there is much we can do to improve lives of people that live here working with our County, Provincial, and Federal Counterparts.

I’m excited to bring these things to the table, to collaborate with the citizens, fellow councillors, and city and region organizations and I ask for your vote to work with a team on council to get to work and make this city shine.

It’s time to create an innovative Belleville, one that utilizes Loyality, Tradition, and Progress for all our citizens and innovates Belleville for the future of all the citizens that live here.

This city is ready for greatness. This region is ready to be the envy of rural Ontario.

Vote Ryan Williams so I can get to work – last on the ballot, but your first choice for the 2018 election.