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Looking ahead, I imagine my kids with their families living here.

The reality of this region we all face today is that more likely than not our children will move away.

More and more, jobs are created in urban centres like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and it has been harder and harder to keep our youth in our city.

We are drawing retirees, noted in this week’s annual ranking by Money Sense that ranked Belleville #8 for retirees in Canada! (Link: https://www.moneysense.ca/tag/canadas-best-places-to-live-2018/).

But still, keeping youth in this region is a big problem, and it is not only a problem of retention; more and more young families are not finding Belleville as their home.

This is the reason we have seen Quinte High School amalgamate into Moira (now East Side High). We are seeing a decline of our youth and it needs to stop.

It’s a problem that is present in much of rural Canada. 80% of Canada’s rural youth are migrating to its urban centres.

I see a future, however, where we keep our youth here, in our city, and in this region.

It’s a future that will take a new buy-in from our city and new strategies that create an innovative Belleville that creates more jobs, focuses on entrepreneurs, keeps our youth here and attracts youth to our city.

I look forward to working on these strategies, and on methods we have developed as I have worked on marketing and innovation with QuinteVation over the past 5 years.

We can keep our youth here, which includes my children, and I look forward to working towards this long term goal on a team of council.  We are in this together, my children and your children depend on it.  Vote Williams, and let’s make it happen!